Toms journey in web development

Css asterisk selector specificity

Today I stumbled upon a tricky little challenge while designing a stack component in a design system. A stack is considered a layout component, primarily positioning boxes beneath each other (very much as html block elements would behave by default).

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Creating a SVG color wheel

"A couple of weeks ago I was tasked with updating the style and asset library in the company where I work. This asset library is presented and made available to everybody in the company as an internal web site, and the icon library alone grew in the last year from around 100 icons to more than 400 icons today."

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Linting liquid files in javascript

"Scaling projects with static site generators can be pretty tough. Splitting content creation from the actual compilation is a usually a good first step. The latest project I was working on was an enterprise website, which was built with a rather extensive gulp pre-build steps and a Jekyll compilation step to generate the final html."

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